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Design Services

Reclk Semiconductors has a broad spectrum design expertise that includes networking, processor design, peripheral design and Multimedia hardware design. 150 years of continuous refinement in the design capability enables Reclk semiconductors to deploy the best-in-the-industry services related to semiconductor design:

SoC Configuration, Integration and Verification Services - Design expertise at Reclk semiconductors deciphers your precise design requirements, according the different stages in the SoC configuration, integration and verification process. By estimating the feasibility and performance accurately, Reclk semiconductors translates SoC into a viable RTL description.

State of the Art CPU Design – Reclk semiconductors delivers in depth multi core processor complex designs including ARM Cortex series. Our strategic project plans feature exceptional power management, high-tech cache coherence and chipsets targeted at area efficiency and high performance.

Advanced Techniques to Integrated Circuit Design - Reclk semiconductors specializes in IC Design that simplifies the design process of even overly complex electronic circuitry. Specifically, Reclk semiconductors has several years of experience deploying high value microelectronic components including bridges and inter-connects, memory controllers and multi voltage and power island designs.